Project Management

project_managmentProject management
The effective co-ordination of small, medium and large projects has the potential save the owner money by minimising potential downtime and avoiding prolonged contract periods. 

Co-ordination of industry experts
SCBC can arrange and co-ordinate specialist industry experts such as Environment Hygienist, Geotechnical Engineers, Structural Engineers, Hazardous Materials Handlers, Disaster Recovery Support to provide assistance if required and expert advice.

Tender preparation
Tenders for specified works can be prepared and called for to assess the market prices and availability of interested contractors. Tendering is carried out in confidence and closed at a single point of time to minimise potential advantages to late submissions and possible collusion of contractors.

Assistance with claim preparation and damage assessments for storm, flood, fire and general insurance claims
If an unfortunate circumstance occurs and a claim on your insurance policy is made, assistance can be provided to ensure that the claim is made to cover all that is required to restore your property to its previous condition and that the works are completed in a professional and tradesman like manner to industry standards.   

Preparation of fire/flood specification and scopes for restoration
With major claims for significant loss it is cost effective to prepare a full and comprehensive specification and scope of works for the restoration of the building. The specification and scope can be included into a tender document for the effective pricing of the works.

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