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Assistance with home renovations, alterations and extensions
If you need extra space within your built environment, SCBC can assist with exploration of space requirements, available budgets, and cost effective design recommendations to get the most for your building dollar.

General condition building reports and causation reports
General condition reports can assist landlords, home owners  or potential purchasers to an insight into the  current condition, short and long term maintenance requirements of the building.

Building defect inspection and identification reports
Defect inspections can identify areas where the construction of the building does not meet current standards and where this will have an effect on the buildings longevity, safe occupancy and/or maintenance requirements.

Compliance reports - Building Code of Australia and Australian Standards
The performance of a building contractor is not normally checked for compliance until something goes wrong and a non-compliant section of works could cause detrimental effects to adjoining areas over a prolong period of time and possible high cost repair consequences. Early detection could prevent costly scbcrepairs.

Dilapidation Reports  
These reports identify the condition of the building structures adjacent to a proposed construction zone to establish a datum to be re-examined at the completion of the construction works to enable accurate identification of any adverse effects of the adjacent construction works.

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Hazardous materials management
Asbestos, Synthetic Mineral Fibre, Mould, PCB’s, Petro Chemicals are all common hazardous materials and can be found in nearly every building. When exposure to these and other elements becomes a threat to the well-being of the occupants, effective hazardous materials management is paramount. SCBC can co-ordinate cost effective solutions to reduce or nullify these risks. 

Assistance with claim preparation and damage assessments for storm, flood, fire and general insurance claims
If an unfortunate circumstance occurs and a claim on your insurance policy is made, assistance can be scbcprovided to ensure that the claim is made to cover all that is required to restore your property to its previous condition and that the works are completed in a professional and tradesman like manner to industry standards.   

Preparation of fire /flood specification and scopes for restoration
With major claims for significant loss it is cost effective to prepare a full and comprehensive specification and scope of works for the restoration of the building. The specification and scope can be included into a tender document for the effective pricing of the works.

Dispute mediation for builder/owner and contract resolution
If there is ever a dispute with your builder SCBC is able to take an unbiased approach to resolve the issue without all the angst and bad feeling that are usually associated with disputes. We can refer to industry standards, the Building Code of Australia, Australian Standards and Office of Fair Trading Guidelines to determine amicable solutions.   

Building litigation support including acting as an expert witness, site investigation
and reporting on quality assurance or defective workmanship.

SCBC can provide support to clients, builders, legal counsels or other stake holders with the provision of factual, accurate and comprehensive reports in accordance with the Expert Witness Code of Conduct for presentation at mediation or hearings within the Consumer Trade and Tenancy Tribunal or Court proceedings. SCBC can also act as an expert witness within these proceedings.   

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